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Martian Quest

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Martian Quest Wins Mobile Game Awards

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This is the revolution in content creation! Back your favorite projects, earn reward$, and be part of the next big movie or series. Stake your Lookhu Tokens ($LOOKHU) to fund, support, and watch your
favorite projects come to life.

BLUELit Program

Lights on Screen



Exclusive Channel

Conspired TV is the premier destination for all things CONSPIRACY. Hosted by leading influencer Maverick Approach 


Feature Film

Action Legends, by Joe Conte, is a documentary that highlights the impact made by the pioneers of the Acton genre



Can't Make This Sh*t Up, by Ron Ponder & Brian Cooper,  features unbelievable stories that will leave audiences in awe.


Our Bluelit program has already funded some top projects. We are proud to have "BLUELit" theatrical releases, series, and sporting events! From thrilling adventure films to heartwarming series and exhilarating live sports, our community has come together to bring these creative visions to life.

Abstract Lines


The Faith / NonFairytale

In a world  desperate to find something to believe in, one man creates the perfect faith companion, but a band of religious leaders fights to stop its explosive expansion when it threatens their power.

Created By:  Byron Booker

Produced By: Lookhu

Funding Goal : $250K

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Rodger Burns, a struggling comedy club owner in Hollywood CA, gets caught up in  a criminal scheme and is forced to make his dreams come true in order to save his business and life and family legacy. 

Created By: Pepes Cousin

Produced By: Lookhu

Funding Goal : $75K

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What Are You Afraid Of

When it comes to horror films, there has been many iconic monsters over the years.  WAYAO will leave you wondering if you have witnessed the scariest villain of them all when its all said and done.

Created By: Brian Cooper

Produced By: Lookhu

Funding Goal : $35K

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Become an integral part of your favorite creators success and become an even larger part of the entertainment ecosystem. The $LOOKHU Tokens ecosystem not only supports the production of high-quality content but also allows all users to earn rewards, $LOOKHU Tokens and some times money. 


Join us in continuing to back these incredible projects and watch as we bring even more captivating stories and events to the forefront. We invite you to join our softlaunch pre-sale.

Join BLUELit

If you have completed a movie, TV series, or live event you qualify to get worldwide distribution on Lookhu now on Roku, Fire TV, Google TV, Apple TV and more. You also get the opportunity to get BlueLit by being backed by the Lookhu community. 

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